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I have been involved in Collaborative Law since 2005.  I was one of the original members of the Western New York Collaborative Law Group.  I always advise clients who consult with me regarding matrimonial matters about the benefits of Collaborative Law.

For individuals ready to move forward with a separation or divorce, Collaborative Law offers a blending of the best components of mediation and litigation.  Like mediation, the parties meet face-to-face and rationally discuss how best to resolve economic and family issues.  Like litigation, each party is represented by an individual attorney who advises and advocates for his or her client.

However, collaboration is not for all people experiencing matrimonial difficulties.  This includes those who are in abusive situations and/or situations involving drugs, alcohol or other addictions.  I have been a lawyer for over 35 years and have processed well over one thousand divorce and family law cases.  I strongly recommend Collaborative Law over the contentiousness of the traditional matrimonial process.

Collaborative Law is a welcome innovation and is ideal for parties who wish to be their own decision makers and who are committed to resolving their issues without court intervention. In this process, the parties retain individual collaborative attorneys to assist them in reaching a settlement. After exchanging all relevant information and considering the goals and interests of both parties, a result that meets the parties’ needs and concerns is attained.  Clients who are suited to this unique process have found it to be empowering, efficient, and cost-effective.

The members of Western New York Collaborative Law Professionals, Ltd. are committed to elevating the use of this process for the benefit of their clients and welcome your inquiries.