What is Collaborative Divorce Buffalo?

Having seen how many of my own personal friends argued and bickered over simple things, as well as more important matters, during their divorces,
I’ve always thought that there had to be an easier way to divorce.

There is.

Collaborative Divorce Buffalo can allow the process of finalizing a divorce to proceed faster, in a less destructive and much less expensive fashion than the traditional adversarial procedures involving the 2 parties arguing through their attorneys in Court.

Collaborative Divorce Buffalo is a modern method of breaking the ties between spouses. Often, when two parties file for a divorce, matters become controlled by the Courts and are frequently adversarial, fostering a win-lose mindset.

Collaborative divorce Buffalo applies an out-of-Court, alternative dispute resolution process (ADR) . In collaborative divorce proceedings, the lawyers of both parties are retained only to work together with their clients to help them come to a mutual agreement.

At the start of the collaborative divorce, the parties involved agree they want control over and constant involvement in the out-of-Court resolution process. They each retain attorneys who have been specially trained in the collaborative process.
Everyone (clients, attorneys and any other professionals added to the team) agree that there will be no litigation involved. They draw up a Participation Agreement which reflects this, and provides for full disclosure of all information, and that their goal is to reach an equitable settlement. To protect the confidentiality of the collaborative meetings, this agreement will state that both lawyers must withdraw from the case in the event that a settlement cannot be agreed upon, and also may not take part in any ensuing litigation.

The commitments in Collaborative divorce are outlined in the Participation Agreement, which contains certain provisions, most commonly:
• Any issues will be handled in an interest-based, non-adversarial manner.
• Both parties agree that the process of reaching an agreement will always involve meetings at which both clients and lawyers are present all
• Both parties should have their kids’ best interests at heart to minimize the risk of emotional or psychological damage that can be caused by
the divorce process.
• The agreement will be fair and offer mutual advantages to both parties involved.
• Neutral experts might be called upon to handle unresolved issues.
• Collaborative proceedings are private and confidential

Collaborative divorce Buffalo has become increasingly popular throughout the USA and Western Europe in recent years, with adversarial methods fading away slowly but surely. There are many advantages to selecting a Collaborative divorce process, which, if successful, can result in a faster, less expensive, less stressful and more just outcome for all parties involved.