Adrienne Rothstein Grace, CFP, CLTC, CDFA
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Buffalo, NY
With Adryenn Cantor, CFLS, AAML
Law Office of Adryenn Cantor, San Diego, California

If you see the completion of your marriage as transition, instead of failure, then you can consciously decide how to move forward in dissolving your marriage with grace and thoughtfulness.

Instead of seeing the process as dividing assets, dividing time with the children, and each of you having your “own” attorney, using conscious transition means you can work together with the support of a Collaborative Team.

You may have no choice that your marriage is ending, but you have many choices on how that ending is accomplished.
The team approach used in the Collaborative process allows:

1. Each party to be supported by their own attorney, who works individually with their client and cooperatively with the team to assist the couple in getting to a win-win result.
2. Each party, should they so desire, can have guidance from a well-trained mental health professional to help them with the emotions of transitioning.
3. Children can have a mental health professional to be their voice during the process.
4. The parties can have the wisdom and expertise of one neutral expert to assist with the financial issues; thereby getting the information they need at half the cost.

If you choose to end your marriage with respect for your family and your budget, you should definitely consider having a consultation with a collaboratively trained professional to see if the Collaborative Team process is for you. Contact one of us on this website for a consultation to help you move forward.