The Silent Revolution, by Dr. Shari DeLisle

A silent revolution taking place here in the Buffalo area: Collaborative Divorce. A growing group of professionals are pioneering an approach to divorce and custody disputes that protect children and appeals to clients’ enlightened self-interest. Collaborative Divorce stands the adversarial process on its head. Rather than a heated battle, divorce becomes a rational and humane process based on good faith and concern for children. No more going to court to let a judge make decisions for embattled couples. Collaborative Divorce is a private, dignified and respectful alternative for local families.

An expert team, all trained in the collaborative process, joins the family to achieve win-win solutions. Attorneys become legal guides in cooperation with one another and their clients. Licensed mental health professionals serve as coaches to husband and wife to promote healthy, effective communication. The child specialist becomes the voice of the child in guiding the parents’ decisions. A financial specialist serves as a neutral expert to assure a fair and open financial agreement acceptable to everyone. Collaborative divorce prevents costly wars and gives parents a healthier settlement, one that protects and supports their children.

The number of Buffalo professionals trained to do collaborative divorce is growing. Trained professionals are available in various parts of Western New York and are eager to assist anyone who wants a divorce or custody agreement.

The WNY Collaborative Law Professionals is part of an international effort to transform the experience of divorce so that families can minimize conflict and maximize their ongoing ties as everyone goes forward. We are committed to informing our community that they have alternatives to the traditional destructive approach to divorce and custody issues.

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